The Muse


I started blogging a few years ago to battle my anxiety. I needed an outlet. Writing helped me feel like I had a voice that was worth listening to.Β  The act of consistently writing down my thoughts has taken me on a path of self-discovery, reflection, enlightenment, and ultimately becoming clear on what my purpose is in life.


I conceptualized Modern Muse around the same time. I felt that the corporate world lacked representation from black women. Real black women that are educated, motivated leaders, with impeccable style, that can hold their own in the workplace. I see these women in real life. I work with them. I was mentored by them. I was raised by one. Yet, the picture illustrated by the media leaves them unaccounted for.

Modern Muse & Co will be a collection of all the things that have inspired me in my artistry, motivated me in my career, or have interested me in my day to day. A myriad of street and workΒ Black Girl style, inner musings, quotes, and sort of think pieces. As I continue to grow and evolve I hope the blog will too. I have a lot more ground to cover.

Short Bio: Living in my “20-Somethings”. Born and Raised in the DMV. Went to school in North Carolina. Came to Brooklyn, NY for change, growth, and new beginnings. I Love black people, black womanhood, fashion, intriguing narratives, pop culture, and art in all forms. IG: @QueensTheory