Yes Girl, That’s Black Owned!

Here is PART II! LaterI will do a list that’s exclusive to beauty, jewelry, and home products. Black business is out here, ya’ll! Please comment any of your favs that I may not know about. #SupportBlackBusiness #BHM #BLM



LEVENITY – IG: @levenity – Dallas, TX

LEVENITY Collection LLC is an advanced-contemporary women’s ready-to-wear sportswear brand which launched in Dallas, TX.  Haitian-American designer,  Venny Etienne, knew he had a desire to be immersed in the fashion industry when he started styling for local fashion shows in his hometown Brooklyn, NY at the age of 20.


NUBIAN SKIN – IG: @nubianskin – London

ADE completely understandS how frustrating it can be when you can’t find products in your own nude – that’s why SHE decided to create Nubian Skin, the lingerie and hosiery brand for women of colour.


CEE CEE’S CLOSET NYC – IG: @ceeceesclosetnyc – Nigeria by way of NYC

Cee Cee’s Closet NYC was created by Chioma and Uchenna Ngwudo in New York City. Join them in celebrating the beauty of West African prints through our unique accessories. All accessories are designed and handmade by artisans in Nigeria.


PERSONAL ADVISORY – IG: @personaladvisory

Inspired by the spirit of Golden Age Hip Hop & Pan Africanism.


SABOOR BY SABOOR – IG: @saboorbysaboor – DMV

Fashion Designer Aisha Saboor began pursuing her dreams of fashion design in 2010 after taking several sewing classes at a local fabric store in Rockville MD. Aisha began making and wearing her own clothes which created a social media buzz and demand for her clothing. Aisha’s brand Saboor By Saboor is an edgy, fun, and contemporary line for women who have embraced a bold style. Aisha believes “Fashion is Freedom” and she draws on life experiences as inspiration in creating her designs.


MY SUITED LIFE – IG: @mysuitedlife – Raleigh, NC

Since 2013, their aspiration for My Suited Life has been to create and supply fashionable, yet timeless products, with an emphasis on revitalizing our market. They found inspiration in the culture and lifestyle of the modern gentleman and sought to add our own distinct touch – providing a product that is the best version of itself.


BYASLEON – IG: @byasleon – Haiti

There was a time when Haiti was known as The Pearl of the West. At Byas & Leon, they believe that it can be so again. Established in 2013 by founders Rony Byas & Harvey Leon, their contribution to this belief may not be grand, but they do their part; in the way that each one of their shirts is hand-crafted on the island nation by Haitian artisans, timeless and unique. And the way in which those artisans are paid an honest living wage that they can truly build a future with.


FLYJANE – IG: Flyjane

Online retailer for Fashion Tastemakers around the Globe. The It Girls Fav!


URBANDIGGS – IG: Urbandiggsart – Portsmouth, VA

Referencing moments from the Civil Rights movement in the 60’s to celebrating the world’s most famous pop icons, URBANDIGGS provides celebratory works that portray a story all on their own.  Utilizing the different forms of artistic mediums of acrylic, spray paint, and paint marker produce work with a variety of texture, color, and unique style.  Here you will find works of art and merchandise portraying urban culture as we know it.  Select works will be featured under URBANDIGGS Awareness where 50% of the proceeds will be donated to benefit a social cause.


DEZAFFILIATED – IG: @Dezaffiliated – Atlanta, GA


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