Shes’s Gotta Have Naturally Unapologetic Hairstyles!: Nola Darling’s Top 10 Styles To Copy

So, If you have watched Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It reboot then you most likely have participated in the necessary conversations about feminism, black women sexuality, the huge issue with catcalling, and gentrification (Just to hit on a few themes). You have read the think pieces, talked about it over brunch with your girls, and argued vehemently with your followers on Twitter. So, if you have had enough of thought-provoking conversation we can continue.

I want to take time to celebrate natural black hair and its many beautiful forms. I want to celebrate the fact that this reboot showed us variation in natural hairstyles that is seldom seen in media or film. There is no denying that Nola was serving looks throughout the whole series! I put together my TOP 10 in case anyone needed a quick reference or some inspiration for your next natural style.


Twist Out Cover

  1. The Classic Twist-Out. The easy go-to for most natural’s is the tried and true twist-out. Just a few two strand twist and your favorite holding gel after a wash. Sleep in them overnight, take them out in the morning, and Viola!



2. The Fro-Hawk. Going for edgy or quirky? This look is a must. Especially useful after your twist out has lost its fresh curl. Pin both sides up and leave the middle out to flourish. When did you become a neo-soul star?



3. Pulled up High and Wrapped. I love how she added a small hump to the front. This style is great for a “last minute on the run, I have to clean the house but I may meet bae for lunch after”, cute but not trying type of look.



4. Pulled back into a Ponytail with a side Bang. Natural hair can be super casual! If you rock a fro majority of the time (like me) this look is a subtle but sweet change. The lovely curl is still allowed to flourish but you can be lowkey for the day.



5. Twist Out with One Side Braided Back. Can we applaud her stylist for variation? I mean come on! Simple yet so chic. I would guess that this is a three strand twist out instead of a two strand because of the “S” shaped curl. Again, she looks edgy and almost as if she is attempting to recreate an 80s look with a natural twist.



6. Messy Bun with a Curl Bang. A personal favorite of mind and another easy look for you after your twist out has been through some days. This style makes it look as if you still put in a lot of effort, although it takes maybe five minutes to pull together.



7. Goddess Crown. Regal! The first words that come to mind. But with a name like Goddess Crown what could you expect? I love this look for any type of After-5 affairs. With your hair pulled back and framing your face it creates a great opportunity for your facial features and makeup to take center stage. Hello lashed and beat!



8. High Bun. The fact that the stylist chose to place her bun directly on top of her head is really is what makes this look so cute. It may take you a few tries to get it perfect but definitely a winner if you like to adorn your ears with ornament-like earrings like me.  (Side Note: She looks so much like Eva Pigford in that second still).



9. Pinned back with a Bump. Wait what year is this? 50s, 60s? Whichever time period she is paying homage to they hit the sophistication and grace right on the mark. I love this idea for a date night or even a red carpet look. Beautiful and classy.



10. Halo Braid Crown. Finally, we come to the end! The infamous “invite your three lovers to Thanksgiving dinner, light up a blunt afterward, and dance to Prince late into the night” look. She is undeniably gorgeous. The braids really do create the perfect crown. Another look that allows you to spotlight your beautiful facial features.

Hope you are feeling inspired! If there are styles you loved that I didn’t include from the series or if you have any other major natural hair inspirations you want to throw at me, please feel free to leave a comment!

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